Rates & Services

Experience our exquisite cat grooming for your feline friend. Our low-stress techniques and serene environment help to make for a tranquil grooming session. Because we schedule two groomers for every cat a 50% deposit is due when scheduling to hold your date.

Our Approach:

  • Low-Noise Technology: We use gentle hand dryers, low noise clippers, and the Happy Hoodie for a calm atmosphere during grooming.
  • Dual Staff Support: Two attentive experts offer dedicated care without restraints, promoting relaxation.
  • No-Rush Philosophy: We respect your cat’s pace, providing breaks for comfort during a relaxed grooming session.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Treats like Churu’s lickable sticks and catnip spray are given through out the process to help your feline friend understand that our grooming session is a good thing.
  • Screened Pets: All pets must provide vet records for rabies, distemper, FIV, FL, and stool parasites within last 3 years. This helps keep our facility clean for everyone.
  • No Dogs, sorry pooches. Your cat will likely appreciate no barking & no dog smells.

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Nail Trim:
Let’s paw-lish those claws! Keep your cat’s nails purrfectly trimmed and tidy. $15 ($12 PP)

Soft Paws Colored Nail Caps:

  • Half Set – $25 ($20 PP)
  • Full Set – $40 ($32 PP)
    Add some flair to those paws with colorful soft nail caps for that extra meow-wow factor and they keep furniture and more safe from sharp claws. Soft paws last 4 to 6 weeks. Learn more about soft paws here.

Tailored Comfort:
Each cat receives a calm, unhurried grooming experience, tailored to their needs. Prioritizing your cat’s comfort is one of our top priorities. FREE

Kitten Introduction Grooming:
Introduce your little bundle of fluff to the world of grooming! Our gentle session includes a bath with kitten-safe shampoo, gentle brushing to acclimate your kitten to grooming, nail trim (if needed), and ear cleaning. We’ll make their first grooming experience as delightful as possible! $35 ($28 PP)

Short Haired Cat Grooming:
A delightful grooming session for our short-haired feline friends. Includes a nail trim, bath, leave in conditioner, low-impact drying, ear cleaning, and more to keep them looking their best. $50 ($40 PP)

Medium & Longhaired Cat Grooming with Sanitary & Paw Trim:
Indulge your furball in a deluxe grooming session! Our purr-fect package includes a a nail trim, luxurious bath, deep fur shampoo, coat conditioning, low impact drying, full body brushing, sanitary trim, paw trim, ear cleaning, and more to keep them feeling like royalty. $80 ($64 PP)

Lion’s Cut:
For the adventurous cats who want to sport the lion-like mane. Get the royal treatment with this majestic grooming style. $180 includes full grooming and bath session. ($144 PP)

Dematting Service :
For our furry friends with tangled troubles, we offer dematting services to gently untangle those pesky knots and mats in your cat’s fur. Prices vary based on the severity of matting and grooming time required. Let us help your cat say goodbye to those mats and hello to a sleek, tangle-free coat! Add $40 to your grooming session. ($32 PP)

Creative Grooming & Cat Coloring Services

Cat safe coloring services can be added to any regular grooming session. We have a variety of colors to choose from.
Small Coloring $40
Large Coloring $80
Body Coloring $120

Pet Taxi Service:
Need a lift for your feline friend? We’ve got you covered with our pet taxi service! Relax knowing your cat travels in comfort. $30 Each Way (Taxi service is not applicable for PP)

Prices listed are starting rates and may vary based on your cat’s size, temperament with grooming, and specific grooming needs. Book your appointment or check availability instantly using our online scheduler. Your cat’s grooming session awaits at Zen Cat Grooming Spa!