Low Stress Grooming

Experience the difference at Zen Cat Grooming Spa, where serenity meets grooming excellence!

At Zen Cat Grooming Spa, we take pride in providing low stress grooming experiences for your beloved feline friends. Our specialized techniques focus on minimizing stress and ensuring a calm environment for your cat.

No Dogs Allowed: We provide a peaceful oasis free from the sights, sounds, and smells that may cause anxiety or discomfort to your feline friend. Our grooming techniques, equipment, and handling procedures are all specifically designed to cater to the discerning needs of cats, ensuring the ability to have a calm and relaxing experience from start to finish.

Low-Stress Technology: We prioritize your cat’s comfort by using low-noise hand dryers and clippers, plus innovative products like the Happy Hoodie. The Happy Hoodie is a specialized wrap that soothes your cat’s ears, minimizing noise disturbance during grooming sessions.

Dual Staff Support: Your cat’s grooming session is handled by two attentive staff members. With dedicated care from our trained professionals, your cat can relax without the need for restraints, ensuring a tranquil grooming experience.

No-Rush Grooming: We believe in taking our time to ensure a relaxed grooming session. Our patient approach allows us to work at your cat’s pace, respecting their comfort level throughout the process. If your cat needs a breather during the grooming session, we provide ample breaks. Your cat’s comfort is our top priority, and we encourage breaks to keep them at ease throughout the grooming process.

Calming Pheromones…Smells like Home: We utilize Feliway plug in defusers that put calming cat pheromones in the air. You can also use them at your home to help your cat even more and when they arrive here they will get a sense that it smells like home.

At Zen Cat Grooming Spa, we prioritize your cat’s well-being with our low-stress grooming philosophy. We understand that each cat is unique, which is why we offer a calm and unhurried grooming experience tailored to your cat’s comfort.

We’re committed to creating a serene and comfortable atmosphere for your cat’s grooming needs. Contact us to schedule a appointment or check availability right meow with our online scheduler.